Thursday, May 10, 2007

Secrets Behind the Comics - Part 1

Just a quick note.

If any of you comic book historians out there are wondering where I got the name M'Nagalah for the Lovecraftian grotesquery Bernie Wrightson and I created in issue #8 of the original Swamp Thing series way back in the 1970s and who has now become a recurring character in Gail Simone's terrific All-New Atom comic, try to catch the TV commercial currently running for the new Saturn AURA automobile.

Just listen to the tune that plays in the background throughout the ad. It goes kind'a like manamanah da da dee da da manamanah dee dee dee dee. You'll almost certainly recognize it when you hear it. I think the Muppets used the same music as background for one of their classic routines.

Now try replacing the manamanah with M'Nagalah and see what you get.

Yes, another great Secret Behind the Comics (which should be read as if it has an echo effect behind it) revealed for the edification of my readers.

Who says this isn't a full-service blog?


RAB said...

I knew it!

All these years I imagined that had to be the origin...but I never dared say it aloud for fear of mockery. Well, who's laughing now?

BTW, the story behind the song is here.

Steve M said...

Here's a link to the classic Muppet performance: