Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Quick Question

So it's Jordan and Blake, not Jordan and Melinda? I mean, really?

What were you people thinking?


Michael said...

As long as you let the public vote as many times as they want, it's a popularity contest, not a pure talent show. Blake and Jordin skew towards the younger viewers with their song choice and singing styles, while Melinda (although the better singer) is nearly ancient at 29.

RAB said...

Appearing on television every week for a few months is great exposure for a singer, but being obliged to sign with Simon Fuller's management company -- which controls not only the recording contract but also all merchandising, touring, sponsorship and movie deals for the winner -- might not be such a good deal. Coming in third and thereby dodging that obligation might be the best thing for her career.

Gillian said...

I think Melinda's supporters were complacent, while Blake & Jordin fans were desperately proactive to make sure their pick got the "other" spot. If voting were limited to one per person, Blaker Girls and Sparkles would have recruited friends, neighbors, and homeless wanderers to stuff the box. Fear is a great motivator and Melinda's fans lacked it.

This result won't harm her. She seemed fine with it. And as beautiful as her voice is, she's not really a "Pop Idol," she's a torch singer. (So is Jordin, currently, but she can surely be molded.)

I voted for Blake because I wanted him to get the 'second spot' against Melinda. I'll vote for him again next week, because of them all, his is the only album I'm interested in buying. Best singer? No. Teen Idol? You betcha.