Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gilmore Girls/Veronica Mars Alert!

This is actually just for folks who watch either or both shows in Los Angeles on KTLA, Channel 5, and who were as disappointed as my lovely wife and I were last night when both shows were interrupted and almost totally preempted by news reports of the terrible fires raging in Griffith Park that threatened the LA Zoo, the Griffith Observatory, and many other landmarks and homes in the immediate area. The rest of you are free to go on about your lives with impunity.

Fortunately, all reports today have the fire mostly under control, with none of the aforementioned entities damaged in any way. I thank the fates that all the animals at the zoo were unharmed, and am more thankful still that no lives were lost, but still, this was the penultimate episode of our beloved Gilmores. The news reports couldn't wait until ten? After all, Fox didn't interrupt American Idol, did it?

Anyway, for those of us who've been tearing our hair out for the past 12 hours, I'm pleased to inform you all that KTLA will be running Gilmore and Veronica in their entirety this Saturday at 8PM and 9PM respectively, so you can start taking that Rogaine to restore those precious follicles you've pulled out. Don't forget to set your VCRs or Tivos.

This has been an Obsessive/Compulsive Public Service Announcement. You may now return to your normal activities.

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