Thursday, May 17, 2007


Okay, so the lovely wife and I watched the final episode of our beloved Gilmore Girls and I cried like an allergy-ridden onion slicer through the entire hour, wishing it would never end, wishing I would not have to say good-bye to these strange and wonderful people with whom I have spent every Tuesday for the past seven years, but knowing in my heart that it was going to end, as all things must. Sad as I am, I'm thrilled to say it ended well. Very well indeed.

Rory is off to start her life as a reporter. Lorelei is reunited with Luke. Lane has settled happily into her new role as wife and mother. Emily has finally admitted her respect for the woman Lorelei has become. Paris and her boyfriend are off to see the world before she starts Harvard Med School in the fall. Taylor Doose still has a stick up his butt. Kirk still makes you want to push him in front of a bus. And Miss Patty and Babette and Sookie and Michel and all the other residents of Stars Hollow, Connecticut remain as eccentric and endearing as ever.

I will miss them all more than I can begin to describe, but I can leave relatively happy, knowing that they are all in a good place. For quirky towns, I guess I'll have to spend my time in Elmo, Alaska on Fridays next season when the charming Men in Trees finally returns to ABC.

In the meantime, Godspeed, Gilmore Girls, knowing that, in my heart and in the DVD collections that now sit on my shelf, you're going to live forever.

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kathy said...

And as one story ends... Fox has picked up Amy Sherman-Palladino's The Return of Jezebel James for the fall season.