Monday, May 14, 2007

Here's Looking In You, Kid!

For the last several months, I've been having some minor digestion problems, so my regular doctor, the ever-astonishing Michael Engelberg, sent me to a gastroenterologist friend of his, who had me take an upper GI series of X-rays. These showed just enough minor stomach abnormalities for him to order up an endoscopy test. Thus, at an ungodly hour this morning, my lovely wife and I drove over to Beverly Hills for me to have the procedure.

The procedure is basically a simple one. You go to the clinic, lay down on a table, they start an IV, add a drug that knocks you senseless, and while you're under, the doctor sticks a camera on a tube down your throat to check out your esophagus and stomach. About a half hour later, you wake up, feeling a little loopy, and that's it. You're done. Somebody (in this case, my aforementioned lovely wife) drives you home, and the next day you're fine.

I wouldn't have mentioned all this, except that I just looked at NBC-TV's new fall schedule, and I'm afraid that the film of my endoscopy stands a really good chance of getting higher ratings than most of what they've got planned.


slasherfan said...

Although I haven't seen your endoscopy, you're probably right about most of NBC's new schedule. That said, I'll at least watch the first few episodes of The Bionic Woman. They just have to give her a bionic dog, though.

Kevin Broden said...

I agree with you on both statements, Len.

I had the same procedure done a couple of years back and the worse thing about it is feeling groggy for hours afterwards. I've had synus surgery since then and woke completely clear.

I interviewed with a cable executive last week and told him my views on NBC's future schedule. In a way it was me also telling him I didn't like what was on his network either, but he agreed with me about NBC's use of reality shows.

Of course ABC putting on the Geico CAVEMEN as a show can't be that great either. (Though a dark fear in me says it'll be better than other shows and will get picked up for a second season (shudder)).

Hope you're feeling better.


Anonymous said...

Um, I take it you're not interested in Heroes?

Kevin Broden said...

HEROES is the only show on NBC I watch.

This network I interviewed with loves reality shows, and NBC made a decision some time ago to go heavy Reality. Hopefully they'll learn to move away from that.