Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Phoenix Rising

Just a quick note to remind all and sundry that I'm going to be a guest this weekend at the Phoenix Cactus Comicon. Others on the guest list include my old friends George Perez, Howard Chaykin, Mike Mignola, Steve Rude, and the proverbial host of others. You can click on the link here and it should take you to their website to get all the details.

I think today is the last day you can buy your membership online so, if you're going to do it, you ought to do it now.

I'll be at the Con from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening, and I hope to see you there. Please drop by and say howdy. It gets lonely sitting behind that big table.

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Scott said...

Mr. Wein,

I'm interested in any stories you can share about your work with the late Don Heck. Mr. Heck's work is underappreciated by fandom at large, and since he has passed away, he frequently gets overlooked. If I'm remembering correctly, you were the editor who allowed him to ink himself on Flash, and who moved him over to the JLA when Infantino came back to the Flash. Any anecdotes or stories about him?

Also, although I've told you this before at a convention or two, I've enjoyed pretty much everything of yours I've read, including but not limited to the Defenders, Spider-Man, JLA, and Phyantom Stranger.