Thursday, October 2, 2008

On The Road Again

Just a quick note to let all and sundry know that your humble blogger will be one of the many fine guests this weekend at the annual Mid-Ohio-Con, to be held in beautiful downtown Columbus, Ohio, and to which you can still get membership and all other pertinent info by clicking right here

I'll be joining a line-up of guests that will include my good friends Mark Evanier, Tony Isabella, Chris Claremont, Alan Davis and the proverbial host of others, so if you're in the Columbus area this weekend, be sure to stop by, say hi, and mention that you're a faithful follower of this here blog. There's no special prize or anything involved in saying so, but the more of you who mention you read this thing, the more likely it is that I'll blog here more often.

Mid-Ohio-Con. It puts the "hi" in Ohio.