Monday, January 15, 2007

The Most Important Question Ever Asked...

Okay, for a minute, let's try to forget the question about what we're going to do to confront the urgent problem of Global Warming, or how the new Congress is going to deal with the Running Joke's current plan for a "surge" in Iraq, and let's deal with something really important.

Closed cage. No holds barred. Two men enter, one man leaves. Thunderdome is Sesame Street by comparison. So who wins? Jack Bauer or Daniel Craig's James Bond?



Anonymous said...


Craig's Bond would break Bauer in half in a heartbeat. Like a twig, baby, like a twig!

viscoso said...

Craig's Bond
I don't like 24hrs
Casino Royale rox

handel said...

global warming? The whole country is iced over bro. HAHA.
Oh well, I like your work. And I've forgiven some of my faves for their stupid political views because I DO like their work. You will be no exception.

'Global warming'....silly,silly boy you.

Anonymous said...

A little rude to accuse someone of "stupid political views" when the statement is about something with a scientific basis, don't you think? This is Len's house, and even if it was a "political view," he's entitled to express it without snide coments from strangers. Handel ought to be a polite guest and apologize (and maybe do a little research on the topic rather than quote his party line.)

handel said...

Ms manners. I thank ya for the reply. HOWEVER, the same could be said about lens "party line". I dont doubt climate change. I am just not going to go into hysterics about something that is just plain NORMAL. It wasnt all that long ago that the same fruitcakes were talking about global COOLING. And now its global warming. All when the entire country is going through a major chill. So much for YOUR party line, huh?
I love comics. I love the history of comics. I care about what industry greats have to say about comics. NOT so much about their political viewpoints. Not john byrnes, not Neal Adams, not Len Weins. IF they chose to go beyond that and underline a side with thier OWN "snide" remarks. They better be prepared to get some heat for it.
No apology forthcoming.