Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Here We Go Again!

Only a week away from the Annual San Diego Comic-Con, and my dance card is starting to fill up like Scarlett O'Hara's. For those of you who might wish to find me at any time during the Great Intergalactic Lemming Race, my schedule so far looks like this:


2:30-3:30PM - "The Dark Knight Rises" Panel - a psychological view of what makes the Batman tick, with Michael Uslan, Steve Englehart, and several noted brain people. Last year's was a blast (Room 26AB)


4-5PM - Autograph Signing (DC Booth #1915)


11AM-12PM - Autograph Signing (DC Booth #1915)

12:45-1:45PM - DC Comics "Before Watchmen" Panel - with most of the usual suspects, me, Dan DiDio, Darwwn Cooke, Amanda Conner, Adam Hughes, JMS, and a slew of others. C'mon, you know you wanna hear this.  (Room 6DE)


3-4PM - Autograph Signing (DC Booth #1915)

That's all that's official so far, but you might want to check out Mark Evanier's Quick Draw Panel Saturday right after Noon. There are rumors I might be there, and rumor also has it that I'll be at one of the tables in Artist's Alley in aisle 4800 much of the rest of the time for autographing and pictures and such.

Since I usually hire at least three or four other people to wander around the Con pretending to be me, I shouldn't be difficult to recognize; I'll be the greybeard with the cool cane and the Batman baseball cap stumbling around the con floor, making musical "oy!" noises.

See you there.