Friday, March 14, 2008

Hulk Trailer Smash!

Since I wrote the big green galoot for more than four years, I figure the least I can do is share the trailer for this summer's new blockbuster movie with those of you who might not have seen it yet. Thus...

I think it looks pretty cool.What do all of you think?


Mike Everleth said...

While I'm really anxious to see the Hulk film, the trailer actually cooled the fire a little bit. Since Ang Lee's film was kinda dull, I thought it was a bad mistake to wait so long to show the Hulk in this trailer. The director says the Hulk pops up right away in the film and I thought a trailer should show us more action to prove that this film is going to be different.

And speaking of characters you've written (which is like a zillion, right?), I just read the Essential Punisher, which has a few Spider-Man stories by you in there.

Did you like writing the Punisher? Did you think he'd become such a popular character? And Jigsaw, whom you created, will be the main villain in the upcoming "Punisher: War Zone."

Anonymous said...

What does Hulk think? Hulk thinks you schmuck for killing off the Hulk's girlfriend Jarella...thats what Hulk think!

Just kidding! ;)