Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion Meets Frankenstein

Well, since my comp copies of Showcase Presents The Phantom Stranger Vol. 2 just arrived via FedEx, I guess it's safe to assume that the book will indeed be on the stands this coming Wednesday, March 12th, as promised. This volume includes the second half of my run of the title, a run which not only helped to establish my reputation in the comic book biz, but also (or so he has so often told me) helped inspire a young Neil Gaiman to decide to become a writer as well. It also includes my Justice League of America issue which guest-starred the Phantom Stranger, a couple of Brave and Bold issues that guest-starred PS, and a lot of terrific work by the always-underestimated Jim Aparo, as well as contributions by such stalwarts as Marv Wolfman, Michael Kaluta, Arnold Drake, Gerry Talaoc, Ross Andru, Paul Levitz, and the proverbial host of others.

If you hang on till Wednesday, you can pick up the book at your local comics shop, but if you don't want to wait, and you'd like to save yourself a few bucks in the bargain, you might just want to click on the link to the right of this column, and order it from there. You can also pick up the first Showcase Phantom Stranger volume there as well, if you happened to have missed it. As I've mentioned here before, if you go through my link, Amazon will send me (literally) a few pennies from your sale, which helps to defray the cost of the time it takes me to maintain this here blog. The same goes for anything else you might ever want to order through Amazon; use my link and I'll see a taste of your sale.

Thanks in advance for your generosity, and do drop me a line next week to let me know what you think of the stories. I've been told they're seminal, which still sounds somehow dirty to me.


Johnny Bacardi said...

Hey, I can tell you right now, since I read 'em as a teenager- loved 'em. Wish you had kept on writing the Stranger longer than you did!

Dave said...

Just thought I'd take this opportunity to say that your story "Like a Ghost from the Ashes" in issue #17 (reprinted in vol. 1) is my all-time favorite Phantom Stranger story (and Jim Aparo's artwork at that time was absolutely amazing).

Michael A. Burstein said...

Does the book have Dr. 13 in it? I think I'll buy it if it has Dr. 13 in it. (I have volume 1, which has Dr. 13 in it.)

Anonymous said...

The Phantom Stranger has always been a particular favorite of mine. I would not at all be surprised if I found that my favorite stories were penned by you. I definitely look forward to getting the compilation.

~ Caite