Monday, March 3, 2008

And We Have A Winner!

A few days back, here at the ol' blog, I asked the collective Uni-Mind if anyone recognized the music playing behind the current TV ads for the new film The Other Boleyn Girl. I received a number of earnest and eager replies, none of which gave me precisely the information I needed.

Until now.

Gentle Reader Dave Potts directed me to the message board of my old buddy, Black Lightning creator Tony Isabella, who rightly noticed that the aforementioned music I was wondering about is, in fact, the theme song to one of my favorite series, Cold Case. That explains why the music was stuck in my head. It does not, however, explain why I failed to recognize it. Let's just chalk it up to one of those so-called "Senior Moments" I seem to be having more and more often lately.

Now, if someone could just explain to me why dropped bread always lands butter-side-down, maybe we could sleep a little more soundly.


Stin said...

The Len Wein,

As distressed as I am to inform you that The Other Boleyn Girl is a truly truly awful film, your other question has an answer which should aid any and all insomnia issues you are having, as follows:

Butter, typically, is heavier and less porous than almost any type of bread (raisin and stale being the exceptions)in as much as it is made up of heavy creams of some sort.

Given the average distance between counter top and floor (~3') and the average speed of things that fall (32.2 ft/s^2) combined with the fact that something of non spherical shape like bread will turn over as air pushes past it, you get the equivalent of a 180 degree turn over the time it takes for the bread to fall 3 feet onto its heavier side.

Hope this helps.
And I love your work.

M. C. Valada said...

Well, I'm impressed to learn that reason. Thanks.