Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How The Batman Saved My Life...Again!

So there I was yesterday afternoon, on my way out the door to head over to my local Citibank, when I notice my mail has arrived and, with it, the lovely letter from DC Comics informing me of the honor the National Parks Department has bestowed upon my mini-series, Batman: Nevermore. I am so thrilled by the news that I feel I have to share it immediately and rush back inside to promptly post the letter to this here blog (see previous post). As a result, I arrive at my bank fully an hour later than I had originally intended to, only to find the local Police there, in the process of taking down a lot of yellow crime scene tape that had been blocking access to the bank's entrance. When I asked one of the officers what was going on, he calmly informed me that the bank had been robbed during the past hour and they were just finishing their investigation. Fortunately, though, no one had been hurt.

And there you have it. Near as I can tell, had I not stopped to blog about the Batman, I would have instead found myself smack in the middle of a bank robbery where, knowing my big mouth, I might very well have changed the outcome to the negative. The Batman saved my life...again.

Clearly, somebody is trying to tell me I should be blogging more often.


Kevin Paul Shaw Broden said...

Next thing you're going to tell us is that Swamp Thing fixed your latest plumbing problem. :)

Unknown said...

Weird how things like that happen. I'm just glad you managed to avoid that heist. Bad things happen to good people in situations like that.