Monday, January 14, 2008

Quoth The Raven...

Hey, I just received the following letter from Jack Mahan, Executive Director, Editorial Administration, over at DC Comics, and thought I'd share it with all of you. The letter reads as follows:
Hello, Len -

In a move that surely signals the comics industry's growing dominance over -- and eventual eradication of -- traditional prose literature, the National Parks Service has added the cover of your Batman: Nevermore "Elseworlds" special to the permanent collection at the Edgar Allen Poe National Historic Site in Philadelphia, PA, which is located at Poe's only surviving home in the city. We're quite pleased with its inclusion and we hope you will be, too! If you're interested in visiting some time to see it for yourself, you can check all the information for the site at

Jack Mahan
Of course, I'd be interested, and I hope some of you will be as well. Of all the things I've written over the past decade, this Batman/Poe mini-series is arguably the work of which I'm most proud. I thank the National Parks Service for this honor and I hope you'll get around to checking out both the site and the story some time soon. Now all it takes is for DC to finally collect Batman: Nevermore in a trade paperback.

If you've got nothing better to do this afternoon, why not write to DC and suggest it?

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I'd also like to see them collect the DC Challenge...