Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blame Canada

Well, at least that's what you can do if I'm eaten by a bear or a moose or something carnivorous any time over the next few days while I'm a guest up in beautiful Toronto at Fan Expo Canada 2009. You can get all the info you need to attend by clicking right here. Fan Expo appears to be an amazing collection of several different cons all wrapped up in one and the guest list for each of the five cons-in-one is extraordinary.

I'll be doing signings and panels Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and say howdy, eh? I promise to be glad to see you.


douglas dias said...

Hi, Len!
I remeber when I read the your storys of the Wolverine!Fantastic!
What you doing now?

Please, see my work. I work with comics, creation and coloring and I read mutch your text to comics.


Cage Narleigh said...

Mr. Wein

I need to speak with you regarding a Green Lantern Documentary. I have an idea I'd like to run by you if you have the time. Please email me at

In case you need to be reassured that I'm not just some crazed GL fan, I have already spoken with both Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams and have had both agreed to participate should the project idea gain ground.

Please email me at your earliest convenience.


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