Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin For President

No, not that pathetic ploy from a once-proud political party now willing to do quite literally anything to maintain their desperate grip on our governmental gonads, but the Palin who ought to be in office. Click right here to join the campaign.

If you do, not only will you be supporting a candidate well worthy of your efforts, but you'll also get a free fuzzy thing.

And, frankly, who could rightfully ask for anything more than that?


Anonymous said...


Len Wein said...

Mighty strong word from someone who's unwilling to sign their own name to their opinion.

rassmguy said...

"Garbage" would only apply if he were discussing Sarah Palin. Michael Palin, on the other hand, is pure gold. I'd vote for him.

Roger Owen Green said...

Damn Constitution. Gotta change it so Michael and Ahnold can run.

Anonymous said...

Hi Len,

Maybe you caught Biden this Sunday with Tom Brokaw? He was asked to respond to recent statements, made by the Catholic church, that were critical of his position on abortion. Biden responded that he believed life begins at conception. However, he "could not impose his will" on others who disagree with him. He stated that he didn't think it was right to promote his personal opinion on others in a pluralistic society.

So I ask, what is keeping him from imposing his opinion (on society) that people shouldn't steal? I imagine he thinks that laws forbiding theft are a good thing. He apparently has no problems with imposing his will on this topic?

If someone wanted to illegally burn Swamp Thing DVDs and give them out as freebies at their comic shop, I'm sure you'd get a little upset.

Aren't all laws an extension of our closely held religious beliefs? Does not membership (to a particular faith) imply endorsement? There are many charities (American Jewish World Service, Feed the Children, Samaritan's Purse) who take their aid to the hungry and downtrodden BECAUSE not in spite of their beliefs. I'm glad that some people still act upon their beliefs and don't hide them under a rug.

Let's give Palin a chance to talk before we criticize her too much.

Aaron Purnell
Marysville, OH

Roger Owen Green said...

Hi, Aaron-

It's less Ms. Palin's positions (which I oppose) as much as her "management style" in both Wasilla and the Alaska state house. That said, I'm more concerned about the guy who acknowledges not knowing anything about the economy, and who was involved in the last major economic disaster, the S&L thing (remember the Keating 5?) running the ship.

Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, Aaron- I DID see Biden on Meet the Press. What he also said was that even theologians disagree about when life begins. Stealing tends to be more universally agreed upon.

M. C. Valada said...

Thank you Aaron, for identifying yourself.

Because he is a secular Jew, Len really doesn't have an opinion about things Catholic. Because I was raised Catholic, and I was a really, really good Catholic girl before those atheistic, communistic college professors got to me (my late father's words), I will speak to Aaron's post.

The Catholic Church didn't have a problem with early-term abortions until fairly recently in its history, I think the 19th Century. Nor was there any dogma on the issue of when, exactly, life began. It was debated, no doubt due to the biological fact that there are so many of what medicine calls "silent abortions," pregnancies that do not take. The Catholic Church sent all those unbaptized babies to Limbo, as I recall, and women died from childbirth or sepsis a lot. Eve's punishment, you know.

I attribute the Vatican's late stand on abortion (and contraception) as something to keep uppity women in their places. After all, the 19th Century is when women started getting the right to vote, the right to go on to higher education in greater numbers, and a lesser need to stay in the home and raise more Catholic babies.

As a woman who has had one successful pregnancy after several years of infertility work (amazingly, the Catholic Church doesn't have nearly the same problems with infertility treatment as it does with contraception although I might argue a religious position that it is god's will that some people don't have children), for me that life began at conception. However, if the doctor had told me the pregnancy was ectopic, I would have had no qualms about it being removed. My life was worth more than a few non-human looking cells. By the time the baby started moving, it would be a whole different story. When the embryo went from it to him is when it made a difference to me. There is a difference between "life" and "human." When the embryo starts looking like us, it is human. Before that, it could be pretty much any kind of life in the abstract.

The issue of when life begins and how it is treated varies greatly and pretty much only by religious views. The notion of the golden rule, is fairly universal, even in non-theocratic society.

Joe Biden believes in the rule of law and so do I, and while neither of us likes the idea of abortion--after all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure--I'm willing to bet that he, like I, is far less willing to see women die from self-inflicted or back-room abortions then we are willing to let people keep such private decisions between themselves and their physicians. Make no mistake, illegal abortions are bad for both the mother and the fetus. Legal abortion is only bad for the mother. I don't know a single woman who has had an abortion who made the decision lightly. It is not a preferred method of contraception.

Would you have a woman carry a pregnancy of rape or incest to term? Isn't it better to end such a pregnancy within a few days or weeks for all of the parties concerned?

Your heroine Sarah Palin had an amnio done--not at all unusual for a post-40 pregnancy, but why did she need to have it done if she wouldn't have an abortion? Has it occurred to anyone except me that Sarah Palin's behavior of letting her amniotic fluid leak and then taking a plane back to Alaska and driving to her hospital looks like an attempt to kill that Down syndrome baby by means other than abortion? I cannot believe that any doctor would allow a patient to get on a plane while in labor. I can't believe the airline would have willingly transported her under those conditions--women aren't supposed to fly that late in a pregnancy, either. The risk of infection was increased because of the fluid leak(a risk for both mother and baby) and a post 40 pregnancy is still a high risk pregnancy. It's a mighty selfish woman who just had to have that baby born in Alaska and not some foreign country like Texas--or was it just another example of cold-blooded calculation? If she lost the baby, a baby which will require pretty much life-long care, it would have been "poor Sarah" the victim, rather than that woman who had an abortion rather than bring a Down syndrome baby into the world.

Like many avowed Christians, Sarah Palin does not get "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" or "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Sarah Palin does not even get "though shalt not bear false witness." Judging from her decision to cut support funds to others who have disabled children, she doesn't have an ounce of compassion in her body.

Joe Biden does. He knows the difference between the law and the Church and he honors his obligation to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States. And the last time I looked, that meant women could have a legal abortion if they needed to, but no one will force them to have one if it is against their own beliefs.

Back in the 60s we liked to say, one's freedom to swing their arm ends at the next person's nose. That's the simple difference between abortion and stealing, Aaron.

Anonymous said...

M.C. and Roger,

Thank you for your well thought out and constructed arguments/comments.

You may be aware that Ohio is "in the dark" power wise and I have been unable to look at Len's site. Still over 500,000 without power thanks to residual from Hurricane Ike. I can only imagine what those poor folks in Texas are dealing with.

I want to fully read and digest what you both said before I offer a humble rebuttal.

Aaron Purnell

Anonymous said...

From the "For what it is worth file."

I would like the record to reflect that I was not the person who posted the original "garbage" comment to this blog string.

Although I use the anonymous ID when I blog, I do so because I loathe signing up for things that require internet passwords and the like.

I respect the original blogger's desire to remain private, but I have always, and will always, identify myself when I blog.

Thanks again,
Aaron Purnell
Marysville OH