Friday, September 19, 2008

More Comics Goodness

Since I've recently written a new Munden's Bar story for them, currently being illustrated by my old pal and master artist Joe Staton, and want you all to be able to read it once it's finally finished and posted, I've just added a link over there to the right to the entertaining website Comicmix, run by another old friend and associate, Mike Gold.

Just click on over and check out the comics-related goodness. I'll let you all know when the Munden's story is posted.


dicecipher said...

Thats great. I really enjoy Joe's art.

Michael said...

Hey, in case you hadn't heard, you were interviewed at the West Hollywood Book Fair last weekend by CBR. Here's the interview if you want to hear what you said.

M. C. Valada said...

Len keeps forgetting to tell you all when he'll be making appearances. So, here's letting everyone know that he'll be at Mid-Ohio-Con in Columbus this weekend, October 4 & 5. I hope he'll post something akin to a schedule before he leaves home on Friday.