Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Alright Already, I'm Back!

And where have I been all this time, you might wonder? Actually, the story goes a little like this...

One of the many odd sidelines I have these days is as an expert witness in legal matters relating to comics history, comics art, and graphic art in general. So about three, four weeks ago, I'm sitting in the downtown LA offices of the prestigious law firm that has hired me for one such case, discussing the fact that, after several years, the matter is finally about to go to trial on Monday, April 23, and that the attorneys and the client would like for me to be in court for the entire duration of the trial, to observe the proceedings and thus be able to adjust my testimony if any new information comes to light. I agreed to this, then casually asked, "So where exactly is the trial going to be held? Downtown LA? The San Fernando Valley? Where?" In response, the two attorneys in the room both gaped at me with what I have long referred to as the "Springtime For Hitler" Take.

"Hasn't anyone told you?" stammered one of the attorneys.

"Told me what?" I asked.

"The trial is taking place down in San Diego," he replied. "Two weeks down in San Diego."

So that's mostly where I've been of late, down in San Diego, participating in a trial. And since I don't currently own a laptop, there was really no way for me to easily blog from down there. Hence the long silence.

I suppose I could have tried to be funny and said that I've been down in San Diego waiting on line to get into Comic-Con, but somehow I don't think the few dozen people I saw down there who were already in line would appreciate the humor.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but did you ever consider just staying in your San Diego hotel room until the con, just to get a room at a decent rate? : -)

Sleestak said...

Darn! I'm based in San Diego now and would have liked to do an interview if I knew that.

Totally not stalking!