Monday, March 5, 2007

So How Exactly Do You Make Fire Again?

I dropped and broke my beloved Tungsten/T3 Palm Pilot on the kitchen floor Sunday afternoon, and was instantaneously transported back to the Stone Age. I had not fully realized just how dependent on that gizmo I had become until I lost it. It contained my Rolodex, my calendar, a bunch of cool recipes, my MP3 player, my Vindigo for checking on movie times and such, and a thousand or so lists I had made over the years including, for example, my DVD collection, various lists of books and comics and the like I need to fill in runs, and Ghod alone knows what else.

Now I think I may have mentioned way back in my very first post that the Tungsten 3 became obsolete about 37 seconds after my darling wife bought it for me for Christmas a few years ago. It's been a bitch-and-three-quarters trying to get accessories for it. But I don't care. It was mine and I loved it. I don't think I'm going to be able to have it repaired, so first thing this morning, I'm gonna have to go out and start hunting for its replacement. I need something that will allow me to import all my old files into the new machine, as well as whatever nifty improvements may have been added over the last several years. I don't think I want a Treo, since I'm not sure adding a phone won't subtract some of the things I already like.

This should be quite the adventure since, as I've mentioned repeatedly, I'm the King of the Luddite people.

If I'm not back by Wednesday, kindly send out a search party.


Cory!! said...

I left my PDA at a friend's house last week, and being without has made me feel utterly disconnected from the world, and I haven't been able to read my e-mail on the long commute to work any more.

I feel your pain.

Christopher Moonlight said...

I'm still using index cards. I droped one on the floor the other day, and it was fine. My cats do chew on them, but they still work. No spell check though, and I can't spell worth beens... but that's what the Mrs. is for, right? Hope to run into you at Wizard World LA. Will you be there Saturday?

M. C. Valada said...

In our house, Len spells far better than I do. He will indeed be at Wizard World in Los Angeles.