Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Friend of the Blog Jim McClain informs us
Len, New Frontier will be released on February 26. It's not out yet.
So obviously what I got yesterday was an advance screener. Nonetheless, the DVD will still be terrific whenever it comes out. I checked and you can still order it from by clicking on the link down to the right so it can be delivered into your hot little hands just as soon as it's released.

I'm just saying...


Anonymous said...

Regarding Len Wein’s comments about Vince Colletta: This man must have had a personal problem with Vinnie to say something so spiteful. I consider his comments the height of unprofessionalism. There are artists whose work I don't like very much but to share my negative opinion for print publication-never. Mr. Wein should feel great shame for what he said, especially about someone who is deceased. Colletta thrived and survived in a tough, tough business for almost 50 years. I loved his work, especially with Kirby and Orlando going back to when he inked his own stuff for Atlas comics in the early 50's. I don't mind when a fan writes something terrible about one of us but it is so sad when someone in the business turns on one of his own.

Anonymous said...

I agree with mcsplurge-pretty low, Wein.