Friday, February 15, 2008

A Little Help Maybe?

For years now, I've been shaving with Wilkinson Sword razor blades, most recently their twin-blade Protector series. So imagine my horror and chagrin when I got down to my last package of carefully-horded blades, only to discover that Wilkinson Sword razors no longer appear to be sold anywhere in the USA. Thus, to my Gentle Readers north of the border up in Canada or across the wide Atlantic in Great Britain, I humbly ask:

Do they still sell Wilkinson Sword where you are, and if they do, might it be possible for me to advance you the money to purchase a bunch of blades and then send them to me? If so, please drop me a line here and let me know.

Now that the Writers' Strike is over, thank Heaven, I really need to trim my strike beard.


mantic59 said...

Not sure of the twin blade Protector's, but you can get Wilkinson DE (safety razor) blades from While you're at it check out the traditional shaving sub-culture at discussion forums like,, and my youtube shaving channel at

Kurt Busiek said...

Is this what you're looking for?

It might not be. Wilkinson Sword used to be owned by Pfizer, but they sold the company to Energizer Holdings in 2003. Currently, Energizer markets their razors under the Wilkinson brand in Europe, and under the Schick brand in North America. No guarantee that what's called Wilkinson in England is compatible with what used to be called Wilkinson in the US.

So it might be simpler to try Schick Protector blades and see if they fit.

Unfortunately for you, it looks like the Schick Protector has been discontinued, too -- which doesn't mean that you can't stock up again.

If the Schick Protector blades fit your Wilkinson Protector razor, you can get the refills as closeouts at:


Heck, if you really want to be secret-agent stylish, there's this:

Or it might be simpler to just get a new razor, but I expect you've thought of that.


Hypersonic said...

Here in Brazil Wilkinson Sword is Wilkinson Sword and they're going to keep on going for ever. Drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

I've found that the Gillete Fusion razor gives me the best shave I've ever had. So you might want to experiment while you're waiting for the Wilkinson blades....