Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crass Commercialism

Well, at the suggestion and urging of several of you Gentle Readers (not to mention that of my lovely wife Christine), I have succumbed to the inevitable and added a link to just below my blog archives to the right. If you're ever interested in purchasing anything I happen to mention here, like the various upcoming and ongoing DC or Marvel trade paperback collections that contain my work, or any of the DVDs upon which you'll find interviews or commentary from me, like the apparently hard-to-find new Swamp Thing: The Series collection I mentioned Monday, or frankly anything else that might chance to strike your fancy, whether it relates to me or not, you can now click on said link to order the items and I'll see a few pennies from the sale that will help me defray the costs of producing this here blog.

What I find most ironic about that is that, should you purchase any of the Marvel material, I'll see more from your linking to it here than I will from Marvel itself. It may not be justice, but it does tend to give me the giggles.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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